5 Reasons to buy wholesale glass beads

5 Reasons to buy wholesale glass beads

If you are planning to start a jewelry business, you will need a large quantity and variety of beads for the costumes and jewelry pieces. There are several online stores available where you can buy the best quality beads but most of them have high rates and others will not have the variety you are looking for.

Many top jewelry designers buy the wholesale glass beads. Here are some of the reason investing in wholesale beads will be a better choice.


The best thing about the wholesale glass beads is that they have the best quality. The wholesalers will always get the beads directly from the manufacturers. They ensure that their products have the highest quality because only then customers will come to buy their items. They have special techniques of testing the beads. All their products are tested for quality.

2-Shapes and themes

One of the biggest benefits that you will get by buying the wholesale glass beads is that you will get the best shapes and themes.

  • The latest designs and shapes of the beads come to the wholesale stores first
  • You will be able to find any old or new design that you might have been looking for.
  • Wholesalers have more knowledge of beads as compared to others


The wholesale glass beads are always available at the affordable rate as compared to the other stores. They do not have any special packaging or services. So they will provide you the beads at their original rate. All their services are transparent and there are no hidden charges included.

4-Order bulk

In most of the online stores, you will not get the facility to buy bulk. Even if you do, it would be expensive. On the wholesale stores, they will allow you to buy as many beads as you want because they are never out of stock. Most of the wholesalers have the facility that if the quantity or weight of the beads reach a certain limit they will provide you a special discount in the rates or you will get the choice to get some particular beads free.

5-Order mixed

When order different styles of beads at the online store you often have to pay more because all beads have different rates. When you buy the wholesale glass beads you will not have to deal with such issues and buy as many types as you want.

Bottom line

Before selecting the wholesale store, you have to conduct a proper research. Compare their rates and services so that you can find the best one. It is important that you are aware of the market rate of beads so that you would know whether the wholesale store has the right price tag or not.

Do not forget to check their reviews and rating to know whether their beads have satisfied the previous customers or not. Do not get fooled by the discounted rates because of the wholesale stores will never offer discounts. Select the best store and make the right choice.    

Written by Patty Dagostino