Don’ts of Getting Your Makeup Done for an Event

Don’ts of Getting Your Makeup Done for an Event

Having your makeup done professionally is a treat, no matter what the event is. You can relax and let someone who’s experienced take over your look so you can focus on other things. For events such as weddings, birthday parties, and proms, you’ll want to look your best and feel even better, which is why you should choose a professional. However, there are a few things you can do and things you shouldn’t do to help your appointment go smoother and get the right look that you want.

Here are a few do’s and don’t to get the most out of your professional appointment:

Don’t Get Your Eyebrows Done on the Day of the Event

You shouldn’t have any facial waxing done on the day of the event. There are a few reasons for this including foundation adherence and infection. First, foundation and other makeup have a difficult time staying in place against freshly-waxed skin. Next, your skin is more vulnerable to infections, so applying makeup over the top of it isn’t ideal, not to mention that the area will be red and will need to be covered up. You should have any facial waxing done at least two days before the event.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show up with a Picture

Coming to your appointment with a reference can be good for everyone. You can be confident in knowing what you want and your stylist will be able to use the reference to understand what kind of look you’re going for and modify it for your face, skin tone, etc. It’s a good idea, especially if you aren’t sure how to describe what you want out of your look.

Don’t Get a Spray Tan for Two Weeks Before the Event

Many products including foundations, moisturisers, and primers can all break down the chemicals that are added to your skin during a spray tan. This can lead to uneven pigment on your face, which would impact your look. Skip the spray tan for at least two weeks beforehand. If you have an event coming up, get your hair and makeup in Perth.

Don’t Think That a Smokey Eye Is Universal

A smokey eye is one of the most common requests from makeup artists, but there are so many takes on that look that what one person sees as a smokey eye may not be the same to someone else. You should try to be as specific as possible so that you love your look.

Don’t Play up Your Eyes and Lips

You’ll need to choose which feature to play up so the eye has something to be drawn to. A heavy eye and lip can look overdone, so it’s best to choose one so that feature can be highlighted for your event.

 Don’t Say “Do Whatever You Want” and Expect it to Be Exactly What You Want

If you ask your makeup artist to do whatever he or she wants, you might end up with a look that you don’t love. You should do your best to give the artist an idea of what you want so that you’ll love your look. Unless you’re ready to rock whatever he or she gives you, be specific.

Written by Mary Wise