How long do salon hair extensions generally last.

It is a question many will ask and wonder about considering the amount of money you may spend on one set of extensions, and this is how long these specific extensions will normally last. It is important in every scenario to be able to predict and assess how long each extension type usually lasts so that those that get extensions implemented will know when to make their next appointment as well as knowing if they need to save up any money to be able to afford to have these new extensions put in. It is a great shame that it must be budgeted for as I would want everybody to have extensions regardless, but it is something that has to be taken into account by all salon customers when looking to utilise their services since being able to pay for them one month and then not 3 months later can be a big problem.


How long a salon-quality extension lasts will depend on a couple of things. For the mostpart it will be the type of extension attachment and the type of hair that is used, but there could also be other things that are taken into account such as touch-up sessions, how good of a job the stylist did when attaching the extensions and even what sort of activities the extension wearer does that may reduce or prolong their shelf life. For instance, playing rugby or another contact sport when wearing extensions isn’t exactly the smartest idea in the world, but some people are willing to sacrifice their extensions shelf life for this sort of activity and this is completely understandable since you shouldn’t have to give up your everyday activities just for extensions. It is just important to know that it could be more expensive in the long run.

When it comes to clip-on and keratin-bonded extensions these extensions actually normally last the same amount of time (once again depending on the wearer). This is because for the mostpart the clip-on extensions won’t be worn at all times and therefore their shelf life can be significantly increased if one were to attempt to try and wear them as little as possible, usually for going outside or special occasions such as seeing a boyfriend or a night out. This is completely plausible, and makes them last about as long as a set of keratin-bonded extensions which will usually hold out for around 3 months, and sometimes even longer with the right amount of check-up appointments to make sure that everything is in place. Both of these extension types are the pride το φαρμακείο μας of Inanch London at, and you should definitely check out their celebrity salon in London.

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The final type of hair extension that you can also get in the Inanch salon is that of the micro-ring extension. These extensions are specifically designed and crafted so that you can make them even more efficient; as they have been know to last for an incredible two years or more before in the past, which is unheard of and quite frankly astounding when it comes to extensions. It is for this reason that they are becoming increasingly popular in many stores and salons all over the UK, so try and grab some for yourself ASAP.