Indian Women’s Fashion: The Dying Art of the Sari

Indian Women’s Fashion: The Dying Art of the Sari

Saree, a word every Indian girl knows by heart. Wedding bells and Sarees always go together or maybe it used to at one point in time. Why? How did we end up forgetting the forever art of the Saree?Did we become too westernize? Or havewe just adaptedto whatever we saw out there? Why wear Indian sarees just for formal occasions? Why not wear it the way it was supposed to be worn? I mean the traditional way.

I,myself, am a big fan of Sarees. Be it formal or casual, all I need is an occasion or an excuse one might say. Growing up, whenever I saw my mom wearing it, I wanted one. She looks beautiful in Sarees or anything traditional for that matter. I think I got it from her. I am partial to Banarasi and Kanjeevaram Sarees. The Banarasi and Kanjeevaram silks are to die for. I mean I would.My mom gifted me Kanjeevaram on my birthday, and this is one of the things I keep closer than my heart.Related image

What is happening out there is that there are some fake productions who claim to be the real deal. But it is all just one big lie, and they sell it cheaper so of course, people fall for it. And it is harming a lot of traders who belong to this industry since they can remember. But it is still not working the way it is supposed to be. And the Sarees are being sold by people who don’t even know the first thing about this particular silk like the way the Varanasi people do.

Everyone buys a designer one. Have you seen Rekha in Sarees? Every single Saree she has worn to the public events are all traditional, and she looks phenomenal. Have you ever tried your grandmother’s Sarees? I have. And I want that collection myself. But something you can’t just look and buy. It is her all life’s great collection. She never wore any designed one.

OLD IS GOLD. I will tell you a story. I worked as a wedding planner when I was in college. And there was this wedding and the bride was from Poland. The ceremony was at this beautiful place. And all of the bride’sgirlfriends came from the foreign land to our land. You know what I saw? They all wanted to shop for the traditional KanjeevaramSarees, and since I was the one in charge of the guest management, I went with them. It was in Jaipur, and it is my city. So, finding the place was not a worry. But those people coming from this far and saying they want traditional Sarees for the ceremony doesn’t it tell something. YES, IT DOES!

Nothing can ever replace sarees. Not even ladies jackets or suit or dresses for that matter. You know why? It is becausesome things never get old. It doesn’t age. And the sooner we will learn that, the sooner we will realize how important it is.

These are things that seem small but make a big difference in our lives. It is our legacy. And legacy is never supposed to die. It shall live on forever.


Written by Mary Wise