Looking After Your Hair Extensions: The How-To Guide

Looking After Your Hair Extensions: The How-To Guide

While it’s possible to get your hands on cheap hair extensions which will last you for a night or two, the best extensions will definitely burn a hole in your bank account. For many people who own hair extensions, it’s impossible to think of life without them. They give you the extra volume you want for a night out, and they certainly boost your self-confidence for pictures or during events when lots of people are looking at you. If you want to keep your fake locks in great condition, here’s a quick how-to guide.

Treat them like you would treat your natural hair

If you have extensions that are sewn into your natural hair, don’t worry too much about recognising, which strands are your own and which are the extensions. You can treat them just like you would your natural hair, which means washing them with the same shampoo and conditioning them with the same products. If they’re not attached permanently to your natural hair, make sure you take them out after you’ve worn them.

Store them in a suitable place

After a hectic night out, most people like to whip out their hair extensions and throw them into a messy pile. However, not only will this leave you with extra problems the next time you come to put your hair extensions in, but they’re also much more susceptible to getting damaged. If you need to replace your hair extensions, you can buy Gorgeous Hair Wholesale extensions, which look healthy and natural and will fade perfectly into your own hair.

Take them out each day

Don’t sleep with your hair extensions in, and don’t leave them in for days either. If they are clip-in extensions, you won’t be able to wash your hair with them in anyway, so the maximum time you can leave them in is until your next hair wash. Leaving them in may not only cause pain to your head, but could cause the extensions to get damaged while you’re asleep.

Use a deep conditioner regularly

You should deep condition your natural hair, but it’s also important to deep condition your hair extensions, especially if they are made from real hair. This will keep them in top condition, and will also ensure that they look natural and just look your own hair. If your own hair is conditioned regularly but your extensions aren’t, this will create a visual difference and also a difference between how the hair feels.

Brush them gently

Never be rough with your hair extensions, since they could break or get damaged. The last thing you want is to tear your extensions or rip them, since it’s not easy to fix them or you may end up having to replace the entire set. If you’re in a rush, leave the brushing for another time, and if you need them imminently, give yourself enough time to gently brush through them before attaching them to your own hair.

Written by Mary Wise