Men’s Makeup Is Blowing Up The Makeup Scene

  • Posted On: 13th November 2016
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Men’s Makeup Is Blowing Up The Makeup Scene

Ten years ago, men’s makeup was a rare commodity you’d only witness on Halloween, and actor’s studios, and hardly acceptable on a man’s bathroom shelf. Today, the cosmetics industry is rapidly shifting gears and reinventing the stigma of makeup for men. No one could’ve predicted male makeup would explode into what is now a million-dollar industry.

It started with boom of spray tans, like Jet Set Sun spray tan with a sheer color to give you a bronzing effect, becoming a norm for men to indulge in the cosmetics industry. Now men can purchase smartly named products, like manscara and guyliner, or tinted male moisturizers and concealers online or in-store. With easy access to men makeup tutorials on YouTube and beauty blogs, guys all over the world are beating their faces with just as much blending-and-contouring vigor as women. Even CoverGirl is revolutionizing makeup boundaries by featuring their first-ever male CoverGirl with popular YouTube makeup artist, JCharlesBeauty. It was only a matter of time until this ever-changing industry made the gender transition in a world where first impressions are everything.Image result for Men’s Makeup Is Blowing Up The Makeup Scene

Now beautifying (or masculinizing) your face is attainable for any man interested in enhancing their complexion. The goal for men’s makeup isn’t so much about standing out with vivid eyeshadow and ruby lipstick shades, like so many women try to achieve. Rather, men are looking for ways to enhance their best features in the most natural way possible. Also to hide imperfections such as hiding hyperpigmentation or scars and pimples. Similar to the saying “men age like fine wine”, the same holds true for balancing makeup looks on masculine faces. Products, like tinted moisturizers, concealers and clear mascara, make it easy to gently mask imperfections and widen eyes without screaming cosmetics. Hence, even the most hesitant men can sport these makeup looks without feeling any less of a man.

While the pressure to achieve perfection is higher then ever, men’s makeup is about showing the world the best version of you, hence the creation of Makeup companies that promotes the No-Makeup Makeup concept.So the main objective is not to appear wearing makeup and to make the skin look more youthful and natural. Natural means no excessive colors, but not too pale; not too dry but not oily. Essentially, makeup for men should be about acceptance and self-confidence, so you can always put your best face forward.

Written by Mary Wise