Peter Shoukry, the epitome of talent and good looks

A renowned name in the two diverse worlds of modeling and art, Peter Shoukry is certainly a youth icon that inspires the people to believe that there is a thin line between dreams and reality which can be erased by dedication and hard work. In his lifestyle, as well as through his paintings Peter Shoukry tries to bridge the gap between imagination and reality, so that in the end, they are one and the same.

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 Life, work and Achievements of Peter Shoukry

Highly mesmerized by the cartoon characters of Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny since his childhood, Peter Shoukry had an inborn flair for art which he discovered in high school. He chose arts as an elective easy grade subject, when his teacher spotted his passion for it. For next four years, she encouraged him to develop and master it.  After graduation, he was given the chance to display his painting at an exhibition held at the Museum of Contemporary art in Los Angeles, California. Since then, there was no looking back for him. Today his paintings are displayed in over 26 international art galleries and museums worldwide and owned by some of the biggest art collectors of today.

After making his mark as a successful artist, Peter Shoukry tried his luck in modeling career in the year 2012. Owner of a charismatic personality, Peter Shoukry was spotted by the owner of Slater Model Management who signed him for his for Eufora fashion show and campaign. He worked with Slater for few months and then moved on to work with Envy Model Management. Peter Shoukry, has been a part of over 30 fashion shows nationwide walking the ramp for some of the famous fashion designers of the country. He has featured in several fashion magazine editorials including McKleinUSA, Traphic, Banana Republic, Dolce & Gabbana, and Express in the industry. He has widely worked with famous American fashion designer, Ralph Lauren and is currently the new face for the Ralph Lauren editorial, and look book.


Peter Shoukry is not only an established artist on the point of becoming one of the greatest painters, but also a famous model on his way to becoming a super model. Visit the official website of Peter Shoukry to learn more about him and follow the collection of his paintings at