Breast augmentation was the most requested type of cosmetic surgery procedure in the last year by Americans; in 2014. With beautiful boobs, a woman enjoys immense self-confidence and is proud of her sexuality. Joan Rivers Nevertheless, this desire is not reason enough to get a breast augmentation done on impulse; without thinking of possible consequences or if you are a potential candidate.


It is important not to be carried away by the promise of the results of the procedure to the extent that you give a wide berth to any safety concerns.

Here are some things you need to know before deciding to have a breast augmentation procedure:

1. It is highly likely that you will need another surgery after the first one

This is because implants do not last forever and on average, after 10 years, the implant may just begin to leak. This explains why Sofia Vergara had more than one boob job done to her during her lifetime -

Hence, when you choose to do a breast procedure, you ought to determine whether or not you are fine with a future surgery.

2. You might have to take a one week break from work to heal completely from the procedure

Certainly, you will need to take some time to recover and get strong after every surgical procedure. In the case of breast augmentation, you will need about 7 days. Even after this duration, you may not be fit enough and thus, it is advisable to stay away from physically exhaustive kind of labour.

3. Breasts that have been augmented may feel different to the touch compared to normal breasts

As much as silicone breasts may feel almost similar to natural breasts, they are still manmade and the difference is bound to be there. Nevertheless, smaller implants and those that are positioned behind muscles are a little harder to detect.

The nipples might lose sensation completely even as they still react to cold and heat. They might get hard and erect even if you do not feel it.

4. It is wise to move gradually across the breast sizes

If you wish to get to cup size DD, it is best to start with a size A cup. This is because you need to allow your body ample time to adjust to any new changes gradually. A good surgeon will advise you to move gradually up the cup sizes.

5. A breast augmentation could interfere with your ability to safely breastfeed your baby in future.

If your breast augmentation procedure involved an incision of the areola, the ducts that play a big role in the let-down of milk could be destroyed; hindering your ability to breastfeed.


To lower the chances of this happening, you could have the incision put on your underarm.

It is important to know these and much more things about breast augmentation before delving into the cosmetic procedure. If you do, you will not only have success at this cosmetic procedure like Vanessa Marcil did, you will not have to worry much about any negative consequences arising from it as well.