Top trends for men’s fall fashion

When the weather gets cooler and the temperature decreases, it’s time to bring out your woollens and knit wear so you can be bundled up and stay warm. When it comes to fashion trends, designers try to make men’s outwear look stylish while also ensuring it’s practical and comfortable enough to be worn regularly.

Obviously the popular items for winter include men’s jacket, knitwear, woollen jackets and other outwear pieces that could be rotated throughout the fall and winter season and utilised on a daily basis.

Some of the more popular trends in fall/winter wear for men included the following:

Interesting details: the popular colour for the winter season was camel or a beige brown. This was a colour that was versatile enough to be paired with anything from denim skirts to formal black pants. Designers also thought of interesting details like a hooded top or sleeveless knits which were stylish and practical enough to be layered.

Cover the neck: rollneck tops were another popular trend on the runway so expect to see that style for the months to come off the stage. Turtle necks are another very popular style that got a little bit of makeover with a zip around the neck or a few buttons.  These pieces are perfect to be paired with a denim jacket of a formal pant if you are going for a semi-formal look.

Earthly hues: who said you had to wear dark shades in winter? Earthy and light shades are the new rage this chilly season so grab some coats and knitwear in stone grey, light beige and white to brighten your outfits when the weather outside might not be as much. The good thing about light neutral are that they are versatile and can be paired with anything else if you are looking to make a statement with your clothing choices.

Striped clothing: stripes have always been a popular print for clothing items. They look good paired with anything so designers have incorporated this popular print for outwears as well. You can find stripes in vertical, horizontal or even pin thin prints. Pair them with some bold prints and you will have an outfit that will brighten anyone’s mood.

Topcoats: an essential staple when it comes to winter clothing, a topcoat is lightweight but offers a lot more cover compared to the average jacket. The fact that it is lightweight makes sense as you often have to layer clothing in winter so having a lighter outwear will ensure you are warm yet comfortable. It’s important that you are not suffocating in your clothing. Popular colours included white, navy and camel.

When the weather cools down, we automatically go for darker hued clothing to blend with our environment but that need not be the case as there are plenty of trendy and stylish pieces that will keep you warm whilst also ensuring you look fashionable.