Hats – The Best Accessory Ignored The Most

Yes, cruel but true! Hats get ignored the most while dressing up. Some men call it an extravagant spend while others feel that their hair do not get right attention when hidden inside. But, the truth is hats are there to protect you from extreme weathers and to make you look stylish, too. Here are some typical kinds of hats that complete your wardrobe fashionably.


  • Cadet cap: A traditional kind of hat loved because of the way it helps you retain your boyish charms. Cadet caps made in hand-woven straw material is nice accessory to team with beach shirts and white sneakers. It certainly adds more masculinity to your overall look.
  • Bolero hat: A very stylish hat meant to create an aura around uber-stylish men. The style of this hat exudes fashion and it takes your personality and sense of style to another level. A must-have in your travel bag when you are not sure of the weather at the destination.
  • Chupalla: This super-stylish hat is quite worthy of making a statement because of its conspicuously wider brim. It is sure to catch the attention of ladies who like to dress in a royal manner; all thanks to Kate Winslet wearing it in her introduction scene in Titanic that this hat has made a mark among fashion freaks.
  • Fedora: These caps look quite similar to boater hat, but the sides are a bit curled and there is a distinct indent at the top. It is quite a statement maker and goes well with the formal dresses and does have made appearance in a number of celebrity get-togethers too.

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