How to Create the Best Outfits

There’s a definite skill to putting together a great looking outfit. If you look at the clothes hanging in your closet and feel like you have no clue on how to put items together to create an outfit then you’re not alone. This is something that many women really struggle with, however the good news is that if you follow some simple steps then putting together the best outfits is actually a breeze…

Step 1: Think about the situation

Before going any further, it’s important to consider what you’re dressing for. What’s the occasion? Are you looking to impress – or are you simply going shopping and want to feel comfortable? Are you attending a business lunch and wish to create an air of conservative sophistication, or are you hitting the town for a night out and want to look all-out glamorous and sexy?

Step 2: Choose a Statement Piece

All the best outfits have a statement piece at their heart, with the rest of the clothes serving to complement it. Start by picking out the item from your wardrobe that you want people to notice first. It could be that stunning flared skirt, or that classy jacket that everyone seems to love. Just remember to keep in mind the things you thought about in step one. It should be stylish, whilst also being in-keeping with the occasion.

Best Outfits

Step 3: Choose Your Complimentary Items

Now that you’ve got your statement item sorted, it’s time to create the rest of the outfit. Choose items that compliment and/or contrast the main item. If you’ve chosen a stand-out red skirt, perhaps pair it with a black top. This is the stage that many people struggle with, so if that’s you then never fear because the internet is about to come to your rescue. Sites like Shoestova provide an invaluable source of inspiration and ideas.

Step 4: Choose Your Shoes

The best outfits are finished off with the shoes. If you want to create a great impression then go for shoes that are bold yet in-keeping with the style of your whole outfit. Whilst style is important, don’t forget to think about the practical side too. Those super high-heels will look great, but if you’ve got to do a lot of walking in them then they might be impractical.

Step 5: Add an Accessory

Adding a bold accessory can be the difference between a ‘nice’ outfit and an outstanding outfit! Whether it’s a brightly coloured handbag or glamorous piece of jewellery, adding an accessory is a sure fire way to give your outfit that added something.

Need Some Inspiration?

We all need some fashion inspiration from time to time. If you’re still struggling with putting together great outfits then it is well worth having a browse through the internet. There are a lot of different looks out there and you’re sure to find something to inspire.